So, you think that your next step is to invest in Thailand. You know all the advantages of the country. You know that you may benefit from incentives that will help your company to grow. Your project needs to be compliant with BOI targets:
A new Investment Promotion Strategy came to effect on the first of January 2015.
The BOI just released the major points of the investment policy.

Understand the vision of the New Investment Promotion Strategy

Thai competitiveness

Is your company good at innovation, R&D or at creating value? It would help to improve Thai Competitiveness.

Environment-friendly activities

BOI will promote companies that will help to save energy.


The New Investment Promotion Strategy will promote clusters

Southern Thailand

The BOI will welcome activities that support efforts in this area

Special Economic Zones

The BOI will promote these zone, mainly in the border areas because the entry in the ASEAN Economic Community is a key element of the country development.

Overseas investment

Thailand intends to play a role in the global economy.

Understand the incentives

Two different kinds of incentives are offered:

Activity based incentives

Activities are divided into two groups:

A group benefits from Corporate Income Tax exemption, depending on how the BOI categorizes them. Group A is made of knowledge based-activities, infrastructure for the country’s development, high technology activities, activities that add value to the supply chain.
Group B is made of low technology industries that are, however, important to value chain. Industries categorized in group B are granted import duty exemptions and non-tax benefits.

Merit incentives

In addition, other incentives are offered for:

  • Businesses that have investments in activities such as Research and Development or Advanced Technology Training.
  • Businesses that are located in Investments Promotion Zones
  • Businesses that are located in specific industrial area development

Take the next step

If you consider investing in ASEAN through Thailand, we will be pleased to help. Contact us and let’s talk