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To guide you to get the best out of your company trough improved customer satisfaction, raised profitability and team motivation.

Whether you are a company manager, or in the process of setting up a new business, we can be there for you!

We are forever encountering managers and senior executives – all seeking solutions in fields such as finance strategy, restructuring, identifying promising new projects, in today’s climate of distinct economic and financial uncertainty.

Thanks to our top-level skill set, the Comitatus team is there to provide ideas and solutions for your routine and more ad hoc difficulties.

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In 2015, progress in Asia allows the foundation of Orbis Strategy, enabling us to be alongside:

  • French companies already established in South-East Asia,
  • French companies which, having understood the importance of the Asian market, are considering or intending to establish themselves in South-East Asia,
  • Asian companies in search of partners in mainland France.
2015, création d'Orbis Strategies avec Comitatus pour l'export en Asie du Sud-Est


Pierre Peyret

Pierre Peyret

20 years of experience in financial management

  • PMore than 20 years of experience as a CFO,
  • Many years of experience supporting businessmen in the creation, take-over and transfer of their businesses,
  • Over 20 years of experience supporting managers in their R&D projects,
  • Many years of experience in assisting industrial, research and service companies in their hunt for corporate and working capital finance,
  • Achievement of IT redeployment, company redeployment and turnaround projects
  • English spoken. Supports French businesses in their activities abroad, with regular business trips to south East Asia. An established network from which his clients benefit,
  • Training instructor in various accounting techniques, business management, project management
  • Lecturer in higher education institutions



A, head of an SME

“I have been running my company for over twenty years, and I was keen to take a snapshot of my company’s development. My sector, B2B in the construction industry, is fast-moving, and we need to adapt. I was pre-occupied with the day-to-day running and didn’t allow myself time to stand back and take stock of the situation. I met Pierre PEYRET and, after several discussions, it was agreed that a strategic diagnosis would be carried out. I felt it important to share this with my company executives. This fairly short process enabled us to review our team strategy and to achieve a better, unified approach. As well as mobilising the workforce, we have set the company on the right track for its continued development, along with appropriate budgetary monitoring.”

T, SMI manager

“We market industrial equipment and we are in the export trade. Comitatus helped us to find a sustainable and appropriate solution for launching our company in South-East Asia, Thailand to be more precise.”

JP, head of an SME

“Our small group provides support to industrial companies in several regions. A few years ago, we were looking for external growth. Pierre PEYRET identified potential target companies for us and guided us through the entire acquisition process. We have gone on to make several acquisitions since then. Every time, we were delighted by his availability and know-how, both on a technical and interpersonal level.”

E, manager of an innovative SME

“I had a technically complex development project. It required funding which I simply didn’t have at that particular time, as is often the case. Pierre PEYRET of Comitatus managed to come up with a good financing solution, on a two-year repayment basis. I was able to launch the project and offer my prospective clients an innovation – it’s currently undergoing validation by their technical staff.”


Comitatus and Orbis Strategy are at your service – dedicated to company development and its economic optimisation.

Contact details – France

4, rue Jean Moulin 69470 GENAS France +33 (0) 662 197 753

Contact details – Thailand

Orbis Strategy 153/3, 4th Floor, Goldenland Building, Soi Mahardlekluang 1, Rajdamri Road, Lumpini, Phathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand +66 (0) 98 329 6266

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