Whether you are the grantor or the buyer, the transfer of your company is an important step in your life. It really is a complex process made up of numerous variables, which you will probably not encounter more than once in your lifetime


The company manager wishing to transfer must give some careful thought to the preparation of both the professional and personal aspects of his project.

  • On the personal side, the transfer will have an impact on his real estate assets, his social status, even his physical condition.
  • Regarding the company, the choice of buyer as well as any expedient steps taken within the company prior to the transfer (changes in the legal structure, donations, training etc) will influence the development and even the sustainability of the company.

All aspects must therefore be examined and the consequences of the project anticipated.


You, as the buyer or potential buyer, must also give some careful thought to the preparation of both the professional and personal aspects of your project.

What is your personal project? Is it in line with your experience, your abilities, your ambitions, your family situation, your finances etc?

It is important to know how to select a potential take-over company which is compatible with your project. All aspects of the project must be looked into and all likely consequences of the project anticipated.

The acquisition of a company is not an every day event, so in order to think it through carefully and prepare yourself under the right conditions, let’s meet.


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