Company overhaul project

The world of entrepreneurs

As all company managers, you encounter some pleasant moments and some difficult periods.

Whatever happens, do not isolate yourself, do not try and think it through alone! Do not imagine that successful companies never stand back and take stock, never examine themselves with a critical eye, never reflect upon their strategy.

World of entrepreneurs: what can I do? How am I going to manage? New paradigm?

The strategic process

Two essential pillars of development

The strategic process of a company

The human and corporate dimensions of the company

Aspects linked to the manager(s):

  • The position
  • The leadership
  • Anticipation of future projects
  • Reconciliation of the manager’s vision and a strong team involvement

The funding and project management aspects of the company

Existing information:

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statement
  • Dashboards
  • To construct a sound and dynamic business plan
  • To have all the necessary guidance and management tools

Our support approach

1- Explain the strategy

Diagnosis of the status quo

  • Carry out a multi-factor diagnosis based on the company project
  • Choose major strategic axes consistent with the manager’s vision
  • Create a working group / party (get the company’s employees involved)

Develop the strategy

  • With these major strategic axes identified, check their coherence with the business environment
  • Check the overall coherence
  • Plan and prioritise short, medium and long term actions (3 or 4 years)
2- Performance guidance

Bring the organisation into line

  • Reflection on the relevance of the organisation chart with regards to the existing skills and the defined company strategy
  • Organisation and reinforcement of the structure and skills

Plan the implementation

  • Based on the defined strategy, ways of applying it to the operational branches or activities
  • Preparation of the plan of action and control milestones
  • Deployment & planning of the short, medium & long term actions (3 or 4 year timescale)
3- Implementation

Setting up the process

  • The implementation is carried out by your teams with the back-up of a suitable professional if possible
  • We can help you to calculate and construct these back-up tasks

Manage the initiative and agility of the implementation (of the manager, teams and individuals)

  • The implementation is carried out by your teams with the back-up of a suitable professional if possible
  • We can help you to calculate and construct these back-up tasks
4- Optimise the data

Guidance and adjustment

  • Dashboard
  • Fine-tuning of the organisation
  • Frequency and procedures of the meetings about the progress of the project
  • Variance analysis
  • Feedback

Test and Adapt (Reaction to the deployment and business environment)

  • Regulatory, corporate, technological and customer monitoring…
  • Implementation of corrective measures
  • Re-planning of the actions (if necessary)

Our logic and method

Our logic and method

Some examples of support

  • Help with the launch of innovative products or raising funds for a Start-Up
  • Help with the preparation of applications for interest-free loans or subsidies
  • Company turnaround


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